Year-End Accounts

  • How much would you expect to pay an ordinary accountant For your end-of-year Accounts ?

From as little as £465, Figures Accountancy Services will prepare your complete end-of-year accounts – FAST!

For just £465, you get a certified accountant to prepare:

  • A professionally produced Income and Expenditure account, showing details of your income expenses, gross profit and net profit.Figures Accountancy Services - accountant, Redhill, Surrey near London. UK
  • A Tax Computation Report, showing an assessment of how much income tax you are due to pay, or even how much of a rebate you can expect to receive. Figures Accountancy Services do everything to ensure that your tax bill is kept to a minimum. They deal with the Inland Revenue on your behalf, submitting your accounts and tax computation. Arguing your case and replying to any tax assessments you may receive.
  • Figures Accountancy Services complete any tax returns relating to the accounting year for which your accounts are prepared.
  • If you already have an accountant, they will handle the smooth transfer of your affairs.
  • Figures Accountancy Services even include a free consultancy service, allowing you to take advantage of professional accountant advice and help throughout the year. Other services include include Book-Keeping, Payroll, VAT, Tax Reports, Tax ReturnsInvoicing and professionally produced Income & Expenditure Accounts.


What do you need to do?

Just pick up the telephone and call 01293 773400. Figures Accountancy Services friendly staff will make a free no-obligation appointment for you.

If you are unable to visit during office hours, they will be pleased to make a special evening or Saturday appointment.

During your appointment, you can ask any questions and you will be advised of everything you need to know. If you want to go away and think about it, you can be assured there will be no pressure on you.

You can normally expect your accounts to be ready in 7-21 days. You don’t pay until accounts are complete, ask about easy monthly payments or pay by credit card.