Sell on the Internet

Figures Invoicing Services are now investing in the provision of a web based sales tool where all products you sell are available on the web.  This means sales orders can take place over the web, with invoices being automatically generated. This helps to broaden your marketplace, improve cash flow and reduce the need for more sales staff.

You don’t have to be “Tesco’s”

Ecommerce is now a serious option for companies of all sizes. Whether you are a singleton operation, an S.M.E. or a large organisation, with Figures Invoicing Services Ecommerce expertise they can design and build the ideal solution for you. Whether you are a “business to customer” company or a “business to business” company the opportunity still exists for you to take your products on line.

Having already supplied a number of clients with ECommerce, Figures Invoicing Services continue to be at the forefront of this ongoing internet revolution.

An Ecommerce website is made up of a number of key parts, not least of which is the website itself. Whether the Ecommerce shop is in addition to your website or your whole website is in fact the shop, there are a number of additional things that are required.

We have created a total solution to enable you to take online credit card payments and trade not just nationally but globally.

  • Integration with your current invoicing & accounting proceedures, software and management.
  • Secure Payment Gateway – This is an online method of collecting credit card details from your client that will then be passed onto your own Merchant Account.
  • Secure Certificate – These are what makes the taking of online payments secure and what gives confidence to your customer. Total Security

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