Invoicing Services

In late 2003, Figures Accountancy Services extended their services by providing an innovative Invoicing Service – thought to be the first of it’s kind in this country.

Companies wishing to out-source their invoicing are now provided with Computerised Invoices, Credit Notes and Statements.  This saves time and money by reducing your staffing levels and in turn not having to pay holiday pay or worry about staff sickness.

A new Database of your client’s customers and suppliers is set up on Figures Invoicing Services internal software.  The database is tailored to your needs, ie area, postcode, sales representative etc. This enables Figures Invoicing Services to provide you with for example, Mail-shot Labels for certain customers or suppliers – detailed by area or postcode. This saves wasted valuable postage, paper and staff time.  The database can also provide up-to-date contact details, phone numbers, fax numbers e-mail addresses etc.

Once invoices are loaded on the database, Figures Invoicing Services monitor payments received by you enabling them to provide Statements as required.  In addition, on demand reports can be prepared providing you with reports such as which Sales Representative has sold what and where, what clients have purchased during the week or month.

All invoices carry a facility to highlight special offers, changes of address or telephone numbers.  In additions, reports can be provided on Sales for VAT purposes and sales reports for management.

If required, Figures Invoicing Services can also deal with your purchases – providing purchase orders and monitoring stock.  This enables them to provide Stock Control Reports and cost reports on purchases and more importantly, profitability reports.  Reports can be tailored to your individual needs and can be produced on a set period each month or on demand.

All paperwork is collected and returned on a daily basis by courier, ensuring a fast turnaround of work.

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