Digital Book Keeping Software – Easy In Control

HMRC are introducing QUARTERLY Digital Tax Returns.

The introduction of Digital Tax Returns will put an administration burden on us all however, we are confident we have the answer.  We have  developed “Easy In Control”.

This is a very SIMPLE form of software which allows you to do your own book keeping whilst fulfilling your Quarterly Tax Return obligations.  It’s called “Simple” for a reason, it is just that.

You just record your income and expense under the relevant heading, job done.  The software then creates a report which matches the relevant boxes on your Tax Return.  We then download your report and complete your Quarterly Return for you.

The software is in the cloud (you just log on via your computer) fill in your information, that’s it. It can be worked on as little or as much as you like, when it suits you and what’s great is, you cannot lose it as it is backed up off site, “Simple”.  The cost of the software is from just £5.00 plus vat per month and, as it also means you are doing your book keeping for your end of year accounts, you are doing two jobs in one.

For those of you currently using our spreadsheets this is an enhancement as the new software has added features AND will provide you with a Profit and Loss report to help you run your business.  If you would like to see the software, please call us.

Remember, it’s not just the Self Employed who will be required to do the Quarterly Tax Returns but also “Buy to Let” owners as well!

For more information please call us on +44 (0)1293 773400