The dos and don’ts of the office Christmas party

Office Christmas party season is approaching rapidly. Regardless of what industry you work in, this is the time to let go and reward yourself for all your hard work over the past year; and what a year it’s been! Do bear in mind that with the mulled wine and pigs in blankets comes the potential for many things to go wrong. From spilling your drink all over the boss’s favourite shirt, to enjoying a cheeky snog under the mistletoe only to have to hide from that colleague for the rest of your working life. Whether your office Christmas party is a formal affair, or a relaxed pint in the local, follow our guide to ensure your party etiquette doesn’t see you land a P45.

Things to do at your office Christmas party:

  1. GO. As much as you might hate your boss or any other member of your team, if you’ve been invited to a party, not showing up is poor form. Christmas is about camaraderie, coming together and tolerating those you can’t stand, so buck up and get involved. You never know, you might enjoy it.
  2. Mingle, circulate, schmooze, make sure everyone feels included. Don’t try and network your way into a promotion, but a party is a good opportunity to speak to those outside of your immediate circle. If you work in a large organisation, there’s no harm in introducing yourself to your superiors, just do it in a friendly way- no five years plans! Be sure to include everyone in the room.
  3. Check whether significant others are allowed and if they are, don’t spend all night chatting to only them. The office Christmas party is the perfect way to include your partner in your work life, as well as providing work colleagues an insight into your life outside of the office. Facilitate conversations with people you think your other half will get along with and allow them to enjoy being a part of your office culture.


Things NOT to do at your office Christmas party:

1.       Gossip. Whilst it’s tempting to dig for dirt when everyone’s had a drink and tongues are loose, but don’t. Gossiping always backfires and you don’t want to get a reputation for bad mouthing. Remember the saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  1. Get trashed. Seriously. An open bar isn’t license to overdo it. It might seem like you’re in control, and your rendition of love lifts us up is the perfect way to end the night but there’s always a disapproving individual in the corner ready to bring up your behaviour at the next board meeting.
  2. Post all the night’s shenanigans on social media. We get it, you look sharp, there’s been a lot of wine and there are some serious shapes on the dancefloor, but putting everything on Facebook or snapchat is never going to end well. Inevitably someone will be doing something they shouldn’t and you’ll be responsible for getting them caught.