It seems impossible to think about preparedness planning without thinking about time. Time is often at the very heart of any discussion of business continuity and IT disaster recovery. Nonetheless, there are deep flaws in the continued attempts to incorporate it into preparedness planning. These flaws lead to frustrated participants, disengaged managers, wasted effort and dubious outcomes. However, these flaws are avoidable and correctable.

In the latest edition of the Business Continuity Institute’s Working Paper Series, David Lindstedt asserts that time is not a target; rather, it is a constraint. While it has its place in preparedness planning, time does not warrant its central focus in our methodology or practice.

Deborah Higgins FBCI, Head of Professional Development at the BCI, commented: “I welcome this paper as it challenges our thinking associated with preparedness planning. I see this work as a fantastic opportunity for fellow professionals to share their own experiences and explore how the theoretical arguments posed in this piece translate into practice.”

“I would be happy to get your feedback on this as your engagement will ultimately drive our profession forward – considering the thorny problems we face together and applying our collective expertise to improve current practice.”

The paper concludes that, when considering time, “it depends” is now a perfectly acceptable answer from the planning participant, and accepting this answer allows the planning practitioner to be more receptive, adaptive, and effective. The approach enables participants to self-assess restrictions rather than relying on the practitioner to facilitate the assessment of time requirements, thus allowing the practitioner to engage at a more strategic level.

In practical terms, the professional avoids any potential confrontation with regard to discussions about time. In theoretical terms, the professional does not fall into any traps, as time is discussed only as a constraint to recovery activities, not a target that has to be set without the proper ability to do so. And in financial terms, the organization will not waste money preparing to hit targets of time that are arbitrary at best and misleading at worst.

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