Brewbarrel homebrew kits, was among the finalists for the German Entrepreneur Award (Deutscher Gründerpreis) yesterday evening in Berlin.

uoxdpqk25ua8i79covfhThe start-up company Customized Drinks GmbH from Munich develops and produces the Brewbarrel homebrew kits, with which you can brew beer yourself at home in just one week. The beer can be configured precisely according to your own tastes at Firstly, you select the type of beer, then the intensity of the hops, and finally, the beer can be refined with different natural flavors and aromas. It is thus currently possible to create and brew over 100,000 different beers. The company was among the three finalists for the German Entrepreneur Award in the start-up category for its innovative product design and business model, as well as for the outstanding development of the business. The German Entrepreneur Award is the most important award for outstanding entrepreneurs in Germany. Dominik Guber, founder and Head of Sales said about the award ceremony: “This is further acknowledgment that we have created a new trend in home brewing and an individual beer-tasting experience with our product.”

The start-up company has sold more than 70,000 Brewbarrel kits since sales began in the summer of 2012. Almost 40,000 of these kits were sold in the last financial year, which corresponds to an annual turnover of 1.3 million euros. Against a background of declining beer sales over a number of years, the entrepreneurs have managed to establish a totally new affinity with beer through their individual beer-brewing experience and have thus helped to significantly boost the home-brewing trend. Wolfgang Westermeier, founder and Head of Product Development commented: “Brewbarrel has made home brewing accessible to a broad target group and made an individual beer-tasting experience possible for the first time.”

The homebrew kits have also been available on the English market since October 2014. More than 10,000 English-language kits have been sold since sales began. Founder Ping Lu commented: “The sales launch in England went significantly better than planned.” The entrepreneurs want to increase sales further in England this year and also enter into markets in other European countries. They aim to achieve an annual turnover of 10 million euros by 2017, and increase their workforce to between 25 and 30 employees from the current figure of ten. Alongside the internationalization of existing products, a key element will be the introduction of new product lines.