Common sense suggests that the sooner you respond to an incident, the better chance you will have of managing it successfully,but a report commissioned by xMatters has highlighted that poor communications management means that, during an IT disruption, finding the right person to investigate the issue can take as long as resolving it, or perhaps even longer.effqdmvr31f89gn6jjtb

Business Impact of IT Incident Communications: A Global Survey of IT Professionals‘ reveals that 45% of IT professionals reported that their business is impacted if IT is down just 15 minutes or less, and 17% said disruption occurs the instant an IT outage develops. However, 60% of respondents said it takes that same 15 minutes or more just to identify the right individual to respond to an issue.

Showing strong agreement that improved IT alerting systems could benefit the business, 91% of those surveyed said poor incident communication increases downtime. 87% indicated that guaranteed alert delivery would accelerate issue resolution, and 85% said issue resolution would be accelerated by a response system that initiates steps with a single click on a mobile device.

80% of respondents said loss of digital data would have a more significant effect on the business than loss of buildings, vehicles or goods. This illustrates the extreme importance of IT responsiveness to issues, yet a surprising 41% said they have ignored IT alerts and communications.

The report concluded, “Businesses trust IT to keep critical systems running smoothly while securing highly valued data. But, when issues arise, business stakeholders overwhelmingly feel that IT isn’t resolving them fast enough. Fast issue remediation will require that the right people be contacted efficiently based on availability and expertise. This may indicate that the communications management alerting systems that have served IT in the past may simply not be able to support IT’s growing role and that a new solution is required.”