Small businesses for many years have been limited to taking cash or bank transfers as payment unless they take a 24 month contract to use a credit card machine, this makes it a very unwise decision for people selling on car boots.

So welcome to the brand new pay as you go option for small businesses and car boot sellers that allows them to take debit/ credit cards on the move – these are fully PCI DSS compliant with no commitment, contract or monthly charges.

hcr0xazwj9aou6sdlnvhWhen people spend with cash they psychologically and physiologically feel the physical cash they are paying with separating from them. This means it’s more painful to pass a note or coins then it is to pass plastic that they won’t feel for several weeks.

Once they pay they are emailed their receipt instantly and they walk to the next stand happy.

Payments are then received by your nominated bank account between 3-5 days with no monthly fees because your transaction fee has been deducted already.

This is an amazing offer of having a free credit card reader. You only pay for transaction fees which are between 2.75% – 1.5.

Get your FREE credit/ debit card reader with the following features:

•Free card reader compatible with Apple & Android

•No contract or commitment

•No monthly fees or surprise hidden charges

•Fully secure and PCI DSS compliant

•Only transaction fees (taken before amount transferred into your bank)

•Funds transferred into nominated bank account within 2-4 working days

•Neat, sleek and professional card reader

•Create a catalogue library free if you sell regular products

•Receipt immediately emailed to customer who has purchased

•Reliable, robust and well build product

Why not take cards at your next car boot event?