UK motorists are yet again being bombarded with additional motoring costs due to bad road surfaces (potholes) damaging tyres and vehicles.

The UK is already the most expensive place on the planet to own and run a vehicle, approximately £3,453 per annum. Now take into account the hidden extras such as wheel, tyre, suspension and windscreen damage and that figure increases for the beleaguered motorist yet again. This cost is in addition to the annual cost of motoring.  the people behind “National Pothole Day” have noticed a marked increase this year alone to their website relating to potholes. Spokesperson for Street Repairs Colin Mahoney explained “This year alone we have seen a huge increase of reported potholes right across the country. At present the number one reported issue from the general public is potholes which accounts for 89% of reports made to our website”.

The Street Repairs the online street and road fault reporting system allows for motorists to report potholes to the highways agency or local authority in less than two minutes in real time either by accessing their website or their free mobile phone application.

These figures do not take into account the misery suffered from road users who experience personal injury. Motorcyclists and cyclists are particularly venerable and susceptible to being injured when hitting a pothole.

If you then take in to account lost work days due to having to take time off for repairs or recovery the above figures would again jump exponentially.