“Twinkle Clean did such a fantastic job, the property was left in a spotless condition and we got the cleaning part of our deposit back without a single hitch” says Irene. “To learn that we were their 1,000th customer was quite amazing,” she added.

  mpwsu35vnxsvik631vakIrene went on, “the team that arrived were very professional and clearly knew what they were doing. I’ve had a few bad experiences with cleaning companies in the past but Twinkle Clean were professional from start to finish. No wonder they’ve experienced such rapid growth in such a short space of time.”

When asked how he’s achieved such a remarkable growth rate, Robert Garritano, Managing Director and Founder of Twinkle Clean, said “I suspect that most of this is down to word of mouth. I never in my wildest dreams thought if you started a company on a shoe string you could succeed so quickly. We never anticipated reaching this milestone so soon but given we’ve had to expand from one team to three in the last six months I suppose reaching the 1000th customer sooner rather than later was inevitable” Robert says, “we just do the work as we think it should be done and the phone doesn’t stop ringing.”

Robert started his business with his then girlfriend and a very small loan less than two years ago. In the early days they had to do virtually all the work themselves. Now the business is operating with three cleaning teams and plans are already in place to add two more teams before the year end. “It wouldn’t surprise me now if we’re announcing our 2000th customer by this time next year,” commented Robert.