New distance selling laws for ecommerce now in effect!

New distance selling rules will apply to B2C transactions. Traders including those dealing with goods, services and digital will be affected.

Key changes are:

Traders will now be required to provide a range of information to customers before, during and after transactions. Key among the lengthy list of details with which customers must now be furnished are:efd0hm6fk6kunvuspfkv

–  The main characteristics of the goods, content and/or services purchased

–  A full breakdown of pricing, itemising tax, delivery and other charges

–  The trader’s identity including contact details

–  Delivery arrangements

–  The customer’s rights to cancel and withdraw from the contract (including the cooling-off period) and

–  The duration of the contract.

A full list of information that must be provided is available in Schedule 2 of the Regulations