So then you run a mobile business, you know that taking credit cards will help but lets face it you do not want to commit to a two or three year contract, pay monthly whether you use it or not, fill in pages of complicated paperwork.Not to mention that credit card readers these days tend to be big fat bulk things you can’t fit inside you pocket, well until now.

iZettle a powerful product taking many businesses and countries by storm, but new enough to add a real unique edge to your business. iZettle boast that it has solved the above situation and dilemma by creating something simple, sleek and convenient with no contract or commitment.

Small mobile businesses such as driving instructions, mobile hairdressers, mobile beauticians, mobile nail technicians, mobile bars, mobile tanning salons, mobile foot doctors, mobile dog walkers, taxi drivers and so on would find life much easier if they can simply take card payments which if you go for a contract card reader will be a gamble.

Not anymore…

iZettle is a unique product that allows businesses that are small or one-man/ woman bands to actually purchase for a low price a mobile credit card reader that connects securely to their mobile or tablet (apple or android – credit card reader for iPhone or iPad for example) and the customer simply then puts their card in and types their PIN into the sleek pocket sized reader which then emails a receipt and authorises the payment.

The money will then be automatically deposited into the bank account of your choice within 3-4 working days. On route the transaction fee of between 1.50% – 2.75% is deducted and the remaining balance deposited in account, no hassle, no fuss, no bills at the end of the month… simples!

The account management system also allows you to to enter cash payments alongside the card ones so you can use this as a basic inventory and accounting system making life much easier on the move for the mobile business while having the security standard PCI DSS – basically the same security as the chunky readers you see in the shops 24 hours a day – this helps keep your business safe from scrutiny and secure against threats and challenges.

It is also useful for people who always end up spending lots of money they earn because they get paid only in cash! When money is put straight into your bank you are less likely to spend it. You also do not need to get your customer to go to the cashpoint either.

So what are the things that should interest you?

•Chip & PIN security

•Fully PCI DSS compliant

•Accepts all major credit cards

•No monthly charges

•No contract period

•No Commitment

•Totally pay as you go card reader

•Setup with your device in one minute or less

•Designed to fit in your pocket while looking corporate and professional

•Money directly deposited into your nominated bank account within 3-4 business days

•Transaction fees taken before depositing in your account meaning no end of month fees

•Fees only charged on successful transactions – declined cards will not generate a fee

•Reader comes with full manual and window ‘we take card’ sticker/ decal

•Receipt emailed instantly for customers – better than paper which can get lost or dissolved in the washing machine!

So if you want to add something unique to your business then we recommend iZettle, plenty of other companies offer something similar with less security and that do look cheap but in our opinion, iZettle is the European leader in mobile card readers that are fully PAYG.