The way we enjoy film is rapidly changing. The advent of online distribution is creating never before seen opportunities to give people what they want instantly. It is definitely the now generation. The recently publicised news on the rapid increase in tablet computer sales growing a whopping  142.4% in the first quarter of 2013 compared with the same period in 2012 shows that there is a shift in how people are engaging with content. Tablets predominantly provide a form of entertainment. ViralFilmNetwork is looking to give consumers access to a whole new world of entertainment.

“The time for change is now. Audience participation as a form of entertainment is big business with savvy businessmen like Simon Cowell building an empire from it. We’re taking the idea of being involved in a project and applying it to the film world to give people a whole new level of interaction,” said Simon Vause, CEO of the ViralFilmNetwork Ltd. “Imagine logging in to check out how production is going on the latest film you’re involved with? Choosing a script to be put into production and then making the big decisions in the production process. All within a video rich environment that puts you into the thick of the action. There’s no need to imagine because that is what the ViralFilmNetwork is all about.”

This is backed by a solid business plan that utilises the cost savings provided by technology and merges it with an incentivised scheme for cast and crew to drastically reduce the cost of producing a film. Initial focus will be on high quality, character driven scripts that can be produced on a low budget. Distribution won’t just be online. For each project there will be a prestigious launch at the Odeon Leicester Square, followed by digital screenings in the UK and beyond using a system that ensures there is always an audience for a screening.

The ViralFilmNetwork is currently putting together a business angel syndicate to pool funds for this exciting start-up. The investment brings with it a range of tax breaks for ‘self-certified sophisticated investors’ and ‘certified high net worth individuals’ through an Enterprise Investment Scheme Offer Document.

The ViralFilmNetwork is also eligible to apply to the Angel CoFund. This is a government backed fund that has been created to back enterprise by investing alongside business angel syndicates. Last year the Angel CoFund invested £24 million into a wide range of exciting businesses.

The distinct appetite for this type of content is already apparent with crowdfunding websites backing creative projects. As an example since its launch in 2009 Kickstarter has received over $549 million dollars in pledges from over 3.9 million people for a multitude of projects. The market is there and growing fast. The ViralFilmNetwork utilises crowdfunding in the form of a low cost monthly membership fee, providing an unparalleled level of interaction and content. The ViralFilmNetwork gives you the power of a film producer for pocket change.

ViralFilmNetwork intends to launch the main website later this year. The team behind the ViralFilmNetwork has a superb blend of IT prowess and creativity. The directors and additional advisers have worked with a wealth of high profile clients including Warner Bros, HSBC, Tesco, Arcadia Group and Hewlett Packard. With film credits ranging from the low budget hit Trainspotting to the blockbuster Gladiator.

For more information on the ViralFilmNetwork, the tax benefits of an Enterprise Investment Scheme and also the Angel CoFund please visit the fundraising website at .